Judaism 101

Back to the Basics!

Introducing a six week course on some fundamental Jewish ideas and practices.

Given by Rabbi Mendy and Mushkie Kesselman, these classes will be going back to the basics, no previous Jewish education or knowledge needed.

Or a great refresher course - (guarantee you will learn something new in each class)

Monday nights in a private home, RSVP to Rabbi@chabadfrisco.org for location.

No Charge.

February 22, 6000 years in 60 minutes - A general outline of Jewish history and some of its big players.

February 29, The Jewish Calendar - A look at how the Jewish calendar works and a trip through the year, with stops at each Jewish holiday.

March 7, A Day in the Life of a Jew - The daily grind the Torah way.

March 14, From Birth to Burial - The Brit, the wedding, baby naming and more. We will discuss each of the monumental occasions in our life,

March 21, A Day of Rest - Shabbat, a day to disconnect and reconnect. What to do on Shabbat [and what not to do :) ] and why we do it.

March 28, You are what you eat - The laws of Kosher food and other food related laws and customs.

Looking forward to a great discussion!