Cantor Yudi Cohen


More than notes on a piece of paper, music is an expression of our deepest emotions blending with the history, culture, and temperament of true artistic creations. That is precisely what classically trained tenor and professional cantor Yudi Cohen brings to every synagogue, stage, and performance hall - an authentic, soulful experience.

Often described as having an exciting and vibrant tenor voice that captivates a crowd, Yudi began his musical journey among the Jewish enclave of London’s Stamford Hill. He was lucky to have been exposed to traditional Cantorial music by his father as well as maternal and paternal grandfathers.

As an internationally renowned child soloist Yudi would find himself gracing the hallowed halls of New York to record solo work. These rare opportunities fueled the fire of musical discovery deep inside Yudi’s heart and motivated him to grow into an accomplished and highly sought-after performer - who would frequently be invited to perform in numerous international locations including China, Hong Kong, Brazil Australia, Israel, Canada, and the UK. 

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